Full spectrum hybrid Golden OIL 5000mg per 100ml/ (5 % ).

Full spectrum hybrid Golden OIL 5000mg per 100ml/ (5 % ).


2.5mg hybrid full spectrum cbd oil per drop ,Made from golden oil. (5%)

approx 5000mg, Full spectrum cannabinoid oil, per 10ml, 5000mg per 100ml.


Tincture bottles and Full spectrum cannabinoid amounts.



1500mg = 30ml
2500mg =50ml
5000mg= 100ml

This product is made using several hybrids Indicia and Sativa, providing a holistic effect please note all our products include the full spectrum meaning all our products contain all the following goodness – CBD. , CBN, CBL, and CBCVA and all other cannabinoids, as well as containing the aromatic cannabis terpenes like pinene and limonene

200-300 drops 10ml bottles

300-400 drops 20ml bottles

500-600 drops approx in 30ml bottles

1000-1200 drops approx in 50ml bottles

2000-2400 drops approx 100 ml bottles

use responsibly- seek medical advice before use. please read terms and conditions before buying.

keep away from children. scroll down to read more.

  • 100ML
  • 30ML
  • 50ML

Earn up to 200 Points.



All our products are formulated using a freezing(CO2) process then we follow with a “Decarboxylation” and long marinating process. This is all we can tell you about the process…… as you know each chef has a unique formula to them!

All our products are made in-house by a holistic healer is well verse in all things spiritual and holistic; we have many exciting products in the testing phrase…..are aim is to meet the needs of the customer….providing super value and superior quality.

5000MG Full spectrum cannabinoid oil


approx 500mg, Full spectrum cannabinoid oil, per 10ml, 5000mg per 100ml


500-600 drops approx in 30ml bottles
700-1000 drops approx in 50ml bottles
2000-2400 drops approx 100 ml bottles

This definest 5000mg

Full spectrum cannabinoid oil  this pure , Full spectrum cannabinoid oil is made from , Full spectrum cannabinoid oil premium  extract and vegetable glygerin , which has a sweet taste, if you do not like sweetness check out our hemp oil based cbd oil.

This full specturm cbd product has been formulated to give you 5000mg of.

Full spectrum cannabinoid oil per 100ml,this is a very pure cbd oil and high strength.

Full spectrum cbd extracts are made from whole plants, so contain all the full range cannabinoid.

This Full spectrum cannabinoid oil product goes through a lengthy freezing and heating process to be produced, this is why this is one of definest, Full spectrum cannabinoid oil product around.

Our products are formulated by homeopathic healer, all our products are sourced from responsive suppliers who take CBD, seriously and have a passion for their art form Just like us at De-finest CBD.


PREMIUM Full spectrum cannabinoid oil, PRODUCT, OUR PRODUCTS CONTAIN 100% Pharmaceutical Grade Vegetable Glycerin and  25% CBD concentrate which was made from full plant extract.  This product is sold as Food supplement.
Keep out of reach of children-store in fridge or dark place.

Take ,3-6 drops daily- use responsibly. Do not exceed 20 drops in 24hour period.

All our products should be taken aslong side a varied diet.

If you new to Full spectrum cannabinoid oil and  CBD , here is our recommended dosage, always consult your doctor beforehand.
Tinctures recommended dosages


Week 1 1 drops, 3 times a day
Week 2 2 drops, 3 times a day
Week 3 3 drops, 3 times a day
Week 4 4 drops, 3 times a day

Then as you see fit thereon….. Use responsibly, keep away from children.


Thank you so much for looking.


We have filled the bottle, right up to the top, so that you our valued customer, receives more product for your money.

THC is below 0.20%, in all products sold on this site


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